An integrated management system designed for your printing house!

Effective management

UpMe MIS integrates all the information and processes in a single system to attract your customer: from making offers, calculations and orders, to manufacturing and shipment of goods to them. And it offers you immediate feedback about what is happening in your company in the form of dynamic reports and dashboards.

Data safety

UpMe MIS manages backups and all files in the company which are stored on a secure, centralized server. The system also makes sure that no file is overwritten, recording its subsequent versions and changes made to it. In addition, the system manages FTP accounts and the level of employee access to data.

Lowering own costs

Automation of processes, shortening of lead times, better cost control, centralized file management and monitoring of working time results in direct cost savings and increased customer satisfaction

Integrated web-to-print

Thanks to the integration with UpMe web-to-print and UpMe web-to-decor you sell faster and above all more and the satisfaction of your clients grows. The integration of e-commerce systems results in the ease of access to information on the current trade offer, the possibility of placing orders on-line, monitoring the status of orders, their history, invoices and payments as well as automatic notifications to clients.

Acquisition and customer service

This module allows you to collect extensive information about your customers, contact persons and shipping addresses. Customer card also includes the terms of business, the individual discount policy and the whole previous history of cooperation with the customer (CRM documents, offers and orders, production files). From the customer’s card level it is also possible to have access to their personal FTP account and web-to-print system


CRM module allows you to record all forms of contact with customers, keep a register of conversations, meetings, arrangements and tasks. Thanks to CRM you are able to access key information related to the servicing of your business partners in a few clicks. This allows you to collect all relevant information in one place, which greatly facilitates and improves relationships with customers.


with the UpMe system you will quickly and easily prepare any offer, will attach images and send them by email to the customer in a standardized form. In addition to consulting the offer with key employees you can use worklfow which will allow you to fulfil even the most unusual order. Offers that have been accepted by the customer are easily transformed into orders.


UpMe MIS is a system dedicated to printing houses allowing you to create calculations of prints and advertising products automatically and instantly. Each calculation takes into account many parameters e.g. specifics of printing technology, the characteristics of a given material, the possibilities of finishing with the place of their application and individual discount policy of customer.


This module allows you to create orders and control their status of implementation at every stage and also provides complete information on the financial result. In addition, an intelligent form and connecting images and production files minimizes the possibility of errors by employees. Shipping is also an element of order, so you can direct your goods to different shipping addresses, and automatically generate waybills. Fewer complaints and shortened lead time directly affect the reduction of costs and increase customer satisfaction.

Production workflow

UpMe MIS supports the work of your company in the production process using workflow.
At each stage of implementation of a graphic design studio by RIP, print, treatment, packaging, quality control and shipping, the system supports and automates work saving time and money.
At each stage, you have complete information on the actual cost of production – the amount of material used and working time. Automation of working with files is possible through integration with UpMe PDF Automation Engine service, which provides preflight, normalization of files and tools to work with PDF files, e.g. impositions.


Management of shipping – UpMe MIS supports the packaging of shipments, i.e. the dispatch of goods from one order to multiple locations automatically creating a list of supplies linked to an order. For each of them, you can define the type of packaging and the type of delivery. All these parameters are reflected in the system in the cost of handling orders and the sales price for the customer.
Integration with couriers – Make execution of orders faster through automatically generated waybills and monitor shipments through integration with courier companies.

Reporting and Dashboard

With the mobile application for iPad and iPhone all the key information about the company can be always at hand. UpMe Dashboard enables personalization and data mining in e-commerce, sales and production areas. Our application gives you the ability to simultaneously analyze multiple MIS, UpMe web-to-print and UpMe web-to-décor systems. UpMe Dashboard also enables offline data analysis data, e.g. on the go.

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