PDF Automation Engine

We created a comprehensive online solution to automate and standardize the file work flow and dedicated for offset printing, digital and large format. UpMe PDF Automation Engine is more than Preflight, you additionally get a tool to normalize files and most commonly used PDF corrections.



Checking the number of pages, page orientation, Acrobat/PDF version, verification of preflight certificate

Elements of the document

Checking the embedding of fonts, font size, image resolutions, presence of layers, presence of transparency, printing


Checking the size, bleeds, safe field, file size


Checking the color space used (e.g. RGB, CMYK)
with additional colors support (spot colors)
Checking the embedded ICC profile
Checking paint coverage

Standardization and PDF Tools

Standardization of all files passing through the printing-house and most frequently used PDF corrections. Safety and confidence in working with files through the use of Adobe® PDF Print Engine (APPE) Conversion to PDF/X-1a of: MS Office documents, EPS, PostScript, JPEG, TIFF


Font embedding, Changing fonts into curves


RGB-CMYK color space conversion with color handling plug-ins (spot colors)
Rich black correction from CMYK to K, Color separations, Converting to ICC profile, Removing ICC profiles

Document elements

Creating trappings (BleedBox), Adding cutting markers (TrimBox), Overprinting, Transparency flattening, Flattens and separates layers. Creates and removes layers, Imports files as a layer

Process automation

Imposition (booklets, step-and-repeat); Adding 1D, 2D, 3D barcodes; Generating thumbnails from PDF files; Splitting multipage PDF files into separate pages; Scaling and cropping works; Reducing image resolution


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