UpMe! web-to-decor.

A revolutionary e-commerce system to sell decorative prints -- wall murals (wallpapers), images, stickers, posters and many, many more! It is a complete solution for your clients - data bank of 30 million images, ability to design independently, visualization of rooms and printing in your printing-house, which will transform the interior of any home, apartment or office!


On the Internet you sell faster and, above all, in larger quantities. The possibility of remote ordering and tracking the completion path on-line, creating a new standard of communication with client.


Limited hours of client Service? Such problems will never occur again! UpMe allows clients to place orders at any time of day or night, regardless of the place in which they are! This allows your printing-house to fulfill more orders, and reach the highest level of service and client satisfaction.


Conducting sales on foreign markets thanks to UpMe is easier than you might think! The tool is fully customizable to any language version and supports multiple currencies. For each one, a corresponding price list considering the abilities of the potential target markets might be created. New markets mean new clients and new opportunities!


The ordering module via the Internet saves your client and employees’ time through the introduction of self-service in the ordering process. This results in a direct reduction in costs and increase in client satisfaction

UpMe click-to-decor

We have created a unique webeditor for advanced personalization of decorative products by your client. Intuitive panel and its online availability in a web browser, on any device, as well as advanced graphics processing mechanisms allow you to achieve the effects that have not been available until now. Click-to-decor is also a visualization of personalized indoors projects of your clients.

Graphic editing tool

Changing the size, position, rotating, flipping and cropping images have never been so easy. The use of drag and drop technology allows you to easily move photos from your computer.

The variety of composition

Create your own multi-part composition or use predefined: diptychs, triptychs, puzzles and collages. Each composition may consist of one or more different images.

Visual effects

assigning common graphics effects to images, i.e. sepia, cold, vintage, clarity, sunrise, love, majesty, nostalgia, hemingway, and predefining your own ones. Additionally, they can be used as imitating surface textures – for wood, dibond or others.


a webeditor created in the latest technology – HTML 5 so that designing is possible on any device: computer, laptop, tablet, or smartphone.

Key functionalities


UpMe is easy on-line sales supported with many functionalities such as: client panel with a history of client orders, invoices and payments, client reviews and opinions, automatic notifications and integrated CMS with the possibility to assign user rights


UpMe systems are created in accordance with Responsive Web Design, as a result the page layout adapts to any device: PC, laptop, tablet, or smartphone, and your store always looks perfect.


Boost your sales through the marketing tools available in UpMe marketing: optimization for SEO and SEM, promotions, discount vouchers, newsletters, loyalty programs, Social Media.


an integrated, largest online bank of photos, graphics, and images. It is a huge library of over 43 million images, waiting to adorn designs and prints of your clients! It is a choice you give them!


UpMe allows you to easily add and manage language versions of your printing-house e-store. It fully supports sales in multiple currencies. All shops, languages, and currencies are managed in one administrative panel.


clients will pay quickly and securely online via PayPal and PayU services for purchases in your store. As a result, the payment for the order will reach you even before its fulfillment.


Accelerate the fulfillment of your orders by automatically generated waybills and monitor shipments through integration with courier companies.


The system automatically creates and maintains individual FTP accounts for clients who only view and access their files.

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