UpMe 3D POS is an online platform that enables designing products such as POS, POP, and displays. Using web browser customer is able to configure and personalize the products. An additional part of the system is an integrated proprietary Preflight for checking, repairing and preparing production files, as well as Augmented Reality App that enables to transfer designs and products to real environments.

Platform capabilities

The system can function as an independent platform, as part of e-commerce or as a digital catalog of products used, for example, by sales people. UpMe platform allows for comprehensive management of clients database, calculations, projects, and 3D models.

Ease of use

UpMe 3D WebStudio uses standard 3D models. They can be exported easily from any popular graphics processing, or CAD software.
Working with the system does not require increasing the work of the design team, graphic designers or DTP department.

Production files and Preflight

All 3D WebStudio projects will be automatically transformed into PDF, which can be used in printing and production – they do not require additional work of the graphics design department or the DTP team.
The comprehensive nature of the platform is emphasized by integration with an advanced system platform for preflighting, automating, normalizing and repairing files.

Online design and personalization

The advanced 3D editor allows to work directly on the product’s 3D model. The user can configure and personalize the product – this personalization can consist of placing logos, photos, texts, complete designs or any other graphics.

Augmented Reality - mobile Apps

The mobile Apps, integrated with the 3D WebStudio platform allow for the instantaneous transfer of personalized projects from the computer screen to the Augmented Reality.